Show Me The Orange | 04/04/06

I've got to be honest. I've already started thinking ahead to my orange belt. Last night, since there were only four people in the class, I got to work one on one with one of the black belt instructors. I never really liked him since he was always criticizing my death moves and moving me literally by centimeters when there were people in the class practically punching themselves in the face with their incompetence. Not that I'm All That but I'm Almost All That.

Tonight I finally learned the Death Move for the single wrist grab and the best part about it is that I no longer have to specify a wrist so friends and family can grab my by either one and still get the same devastating blow to the face. Working with the black belt meant the practice half of the class was all about me and Combination 3, while tough, came much more quickly than it would have had I been working with McOgre or Death Breath. Man, I can't wait to beat someone up. Too bad all the poor have fled New Orleans because that's only like a seven hour drive.




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