Trip To Chicago | 04/09/06

My trip back to Chicago for my uncle's funeral was mostly uneventful; which is good for a somber event like this. No drama is always good. The only down part was the driver bringing me to the wake from my flight got HORRIBLY lost and he made a 75 minutes trip into a three hour one. It didn't help that he didn't speak English and I was a little rusty in my Hindi so it was rough. It's weird to think all my baby cousins are now grown up but not as weird to think my next major birthday will be 30. Weirded out.

While I was away I got an email from this woman who crazy Jack wanted to work with but nothing ever developed. She wants to sell her website and she let both Jack and I know it was for sale. I'd really like to buy it but I don't think I can afford it. The problem is that it's a hotbed of cash just waiting to flow. It's got great PR (6), the site was registered in (get this) 1996 and it's got about 800 pages of unique content that could easily be broken into 2400 since right now every page has about 3mb worth of text. I try to look at it as though every page is worth about $50 in advertising so it would be pretty easy to rebuild parts of it and then start cashing it in. I just wonder how much up front cash it'll take. We'll see.




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