Before and After | 04/10/06

My body temporarily taken over by chris, I purged three large office-cluttering items yesterday by pawning them off on christine. She inherited my two inbred convict cichlids along with their filthy tank as well as Abner (The Turtle)'s old tank and a CRT monitor. I had been trying to kill those damn cichlids off for about eight months and thought I had been doing a good job since their numbers had dwindled from about 200 to 2 but those last two just wouldn't die. I didn't feed them. I didn't have a light for them and their filter didn't work. And this was the case since about November of last year. Somehow, through cannibalization (I would imagine) the two of them stayed alive and are now being rewarded by living in a nice clean tank in Christine's house. In return I'm getting a big new pleco for the downstairs tank to hopefully control the massive amounts of algae. Ah, twas a good day for the ole office.




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