Mike the Minotaur | 04/12/06

I am so tired. With the president of our largest client in town for the week I feel as though the amount of work I have is piling up beyond even my wildest dreams. I truly believe that this week three people working full time could not cover the amount of the things I have on my plate. Remember the good ole days when I was just a spammer? Yeah, I do too. After work jamie and I went to The American Cafe in the Governor's Square Mall. Instead of mashed potato sides they had bouslin mashed potato sides. Gross. I don't want anything that sound like boozin'. Not in my taters. Matt Flynn stopped by unannounced around 10pm or so. It was good to see him and as we talked I realized I hadn't seen him in ages. He's shaved his head and I don't think you'd recognize him on the street. I'd be willing to bet on it. Speaking of betting, I can't wait for poker tonight. I need a relaxing night.




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