Suuuck It | 04/13/06

First off, I have to congratulate kathy for her first win in the weekly poker tournament. Now, onto the sucking.

I'm totally beaten down at work. I'm hesitant to write all this since I know everyone there reads my damn blog but no sense in keeping secrets. I'm totally beaten down; the week has totally sucked. I have three jobs right now, all of which could be full time and two of the three are extremely stressful. When I started I figured that although I wouldn't really be able to buy a gold car at least I'd have a very stress-free set of daily tasks. Oh but that was then. And this is now. And now I'm this Project-Managing, Programming, Business-Developing, Affiliate Managing robot who, after estimating his taxes for last year, formally realizes the pay is laughable despite a great environment. Point is, I'm overworked and underpaid like everyone else in America. And I'm so stressed out it's starting to affect my personal life much like it did when I worked with Jack. And that really fucking sucks. At least with Jack I was putting money into the bank every month instead of taking it out.

I fucked up yesterday. I figured with the combined wisdom of myself, liz and christine I'd be able to redo a bunch of Overture's adwords. And I was wrong. I said I was sorry and that I'd fix it, which (with Christine's help) I did in a half hour. No big deal right?

In karate we had a pop quiz which entailed going through moves and doing pushups when the instructors find your hand in the wrong position or some other inane "problem". By the end I had lost track of my how many pushups I had done but my shoulders are still really sore. Adding insult to injury I had to work with the 14 year old kid I yelled at on Tuesday after telling him one of my personal karate goals was to never speak to him again. Naturally, we had to work together on the day we learned how to break a person's elbow. And now my elbow really fucking hurts.

We had a good crowd for poker last night including Tim who battled Kathy in a clash of Winning Poker Virgins. Kathy was deflowered and took home $40. I, fittingly, finished 7/8 after going all in on an open-ended straight draw bluff. It was dumb and I normally wouldn't play like that but hey, it was a lousy fucking day. It was good seeing everyone though and even though I took a total ass-whomping I was in a better mood when everyone left.




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