Happy Easter! | 04/16/06

For Easter I went with Jamie's family to this Presbyterian church for services. It was weird and I'm pretty sure just by going I've renounced Catholicism and ensured a humid place in hell. The service was nice--they had a big choir. The only problem was that the sermon was horrible. Horrible in every way: long, without point, slow. I found myself figeting a lot but I had no choice. After the service we went to Chez Pierre and met up with Chip's family. We also saw Kurt and Chrissy there and I'm sad to report I was unable to perform my back-two-hand-grab from a seated position. The service was extremely slow and the food was fair at best. They could have at least told us they were out of potatoes instead of brining us steaks with sushi rice. Gross! The desert, which was thrown in for free, was awesome though. Seriously awesome.

Desperate Housewives was pretty good but they tried to swap out Grey's Anatomy with some stupid show that I'm sure no one watched. Jamie and I tried to watch the Family Guy South Park episodes but I fell asleep. Oops.




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