Armoire | 04/19/06

I'd be remiss if I didn't hearily thank the following people: Erick, christine, chris, jamie and Barbara. Why would I be remiss? Barbara because she sold me this AWESOME armoire for $100. She's finally getting the hell out of America and this huge thing was the last thing in her apartment. Christine was kind enough to loan Erick's truck to us and they came out to meet Chris and I to haul the thing down the stairs of Barb's second story residence and tow it over to mine. After it was safely in my house I met up with Chris and michael for dinner at Applebee's then waded through Publix to get dog food before going home to throw away the cinderblock entertainment center Kathy and I made my first year in this bug-infested state. Chris, Jamie and I reinstalled all the electronics in the living room and now my whole apartment has an aura of adulthood. How "adulty" is it? Christine and I saw a woman on the street fall today and not only did I not laugh, I felt bad for her. That's adulting right there.




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