Poker and Dr. Buchler | 04/27/06

We had a very small turnout for our Weekly Poker Championship. It was only jamie, tchris and kathy. chris, as per usual, watched keenly. I beat Kathy head to head and then she and I headed out to Dr. Buchler's Schenker party. We were tagalongs. Especially me, a tagalong of a tagalong (don't they speak that in the Philippines?). Anyway, I only knew two other people there: Alex and Sarah. Alex and I talked mainly about beating each other up with various types of death blows. It was weird seeing that circle of people again. It made me think that I really, really, really miss teaching but at the same time that I probably will not enjoy getting that last degree. As I said to Kathy last night as we were driving back, I think composers write some things just because they know that's what to write. There's not some organicism bullshit underneath; it's nothing that can be classified that easily. Anything that you write according to some bullshit pattern is going to sound like shit (see 12-tone) yet music nerds will love you because you're writing something they're capable of easily understanding. Anyway, that's a very unflattering picture of Dr. Buchler but it was the only one I can find. I assure you though, he's much better looking in real life.




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