Jeff Bowden Resigns | 11/14/06

Joy. Bliss. Cheer. Comfort. Delectation. Delight. Ecstasy. Elation. Exalutation. Felicity. Gaiety. Gladness. Glee. Hybilance. Merriment. Mirth. Pleasure. Rapture. Revishment. Refreshment. Rejoice. Satisfaction. Wonder.

I looked up "joy" on to see which word to use to describe my feeling that Jeff Bowden resigned. The problem was that they all just seemed so darn appropriate. I didn't hate the player, I just hated the game. Especially the part of the game called for HB draws on 3rd and 20. I don't doubt that Mark Richt's shoes were difficult to fill but seriously. Insteading of blaming the coaches you could blame the players--just look at Louisville. They're Heisman-shoe-in RB was hurt the first game of the season and their Heisman-shoe-in QB got knocked out just shortly after that. Look at where they ended up--oh, oh, wait. Until they lost to Rutgers they were #3 in the country without them. Hmm, I blame the coaches. I blamed Dusty Baker for the Cubs' woes and I will continue to blame Jeff Bowden for FSU's anemic offense. What I want to know now is--since he's leaving at the end of the year does that mean he'll go balls-out for the rest of the year? I would.




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