May Day | 05/01/06

I almost boycotted work yesterday in support of the immigrant rights but instead I decided to go so I could help dupe the poor into helping the rich get richer. Need credit repair? It'll only cost you $100 plus $60/month to get it. Have no money? I can give you a TON of money but you'll have to pay me back double. Anyway. After work I threw jamie in the Taurus De Amor and we skitted over to Pete's house so we could rehearse for our upcoming gig at FSU. If you're not doing anything Thursday afternoon (although I'm sure you are) you should come up for an hour and hear us. I think we play from 2:45-4pm. Pete's a great drummer and I wish he had been playing in groups with me from the beginning. He's very musical and, get this, he can read music. That means we don't have to practice the weird 3/4 meausures until he can feel them, he just sees it and plays it. Handy! They have a really cute Boston Terrier named Etta too.

It's also a new season on Alexadex and everyone starts with $10k so if you want to see what all the fuss is about click here.




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