Final Destination 3 | 05/03/06

With the aid of tchris our Four Scoops of Vanilla and a Carmel finished 5th out of 14. We really dominated the first round and had 27 of a possible 30 points. Yet again, as is always the case, the questions of the second round were not very good: Movie Taglines & American History. I was really hoping for either predefined PHP functions or Led Zeppelin or Dogs in My House or People I've Dated but that didn't happen. Strangely enough though I got a movie question. I don't remember the tagline but I said "Final Destination 3" as a pure joke. Turns out the answer was actually Final Destination. I always think of that movie when people ask me what it is I don't like about movies. If you're at the Final Destination when did they suddenly add two more stops? And since this is stop-adding is obviously a trend I don't think it's fair that any one stop could be considered "final". Anyway, that makes up for my guess of Encino Man for the tagline "If he were any colder he'd be frozen". Apparently the answer was Austin Powers, another movie (shock) that I haven't seen. Alas. Tomorrow jamie and I have a gig with Matt Flynn for some charity thing at FSU. Whoopie.




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