Back To Back To Back | 05/04/06

That's right friends, Food Guy has won poker three times in a row. The last time this happened was jamie last November when she won something ridiculous like six out of seven. Tomorrow night is michael's graduation party. Wild Hoopla.

At karate there was one person of every color belt from yellow to blue-with-stripe (in addition to six white belts) so we all got to work with someone of a different color. I liked my Orange Belt partner, a high school senior, but his Crane Kenpo kicked my ass. There's no good way to fall so 9/10 times your tailbone takes most of the impact. Ouch.

I met up with Jamie, Matt and Pete at FSU in the afternoon to play a gig. It was easy money so I'm not going to say anything else. Anytime you're making over $100/hr to do ANYTHING you're not allowed to complain.




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