Anniversaventure | 05/06/06

For our Anniversadventure jamie and I drove out to Marianna to see the Florida Caverns. They were pretty cool and we were lucky enough to take some good pictures which will be posted shortly. The only downer was having to go on the tour with this obnoxious Girl Scout Troop. It reaffirmed that I have no desire to have children whatsoever. Our tour guide was really wacky too--the kind of guy that would either be giving tours of caves or carving animals out of Dove soap. We took an adventurous canoe trip down the Chipola River and we did a pretty good job of navigating the tree-infested water and only got stuck twice on two logs. I didn't see any wildlife though, except for one stupid bird. I think we saw a baby turtle but our canoeing prowess was not good enough to get the canoe 180 degrees to paddle back to it. We did manage to crash into a tree though. For dinner we went to Manna but alas they were out of prime rib. Then we came back and watched some episodes of Seinfeld. Three years! Can you believe anyone could tolerate me for that long?




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