My So Called Life | 11/13/06

There are a lot of things wrong on my work computer. I get duplicates of just about every non-spam email and triplicates from a couple people in the office. Instant Messenger works about 10% of the time and Photoshop does weird things like superimpose pictures of Abby in the background. My home computer isn't much better. It takes about 45 minutes for it to start up so it lives in a constant state of Standby. It sits behind my TV, cover off, so it doesn't overheat although I did just buy a new power supply last week.

My brother Steve will not be coming to the FSU Homecoming game against WMU. Marty is still planning on the trek so we will once again be reminded what it's like to have more than two friends (thanks Ricky and T-Chris!). I got my transcripts from FSU yesterday and the very top line was my GRE scores. I probably did not have to retake it again. I outscored 2006 by 100 points plus it has the ever-impressive ANAL 800 on it. Soon that will be replaced by the WRTNG: LOL! I'm thinking I might like to write the great American novel except for that it wouldn't really have a point in a Steinbeckian or Hemmingway way. I need to go on that Deal or No Deal show so I can win $100k (I'm not greedy...that greedy) and then take a year off to cruise across the country with Chompy and take candid photos of us visiting Nebraska's largest ball of string. I think it'll be a good book and you should buy it.




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