Kim Tag | 05/09/06

Ok class, we've got a busy day so take your seats and we'll get started. First things first, I was tagged by brian's belle Kim. As with all other tags I am obligated by the Eternal Laws of the Internet to do the tag as my first priority. So with no further ado:

Four Things I know
1) I know that no matter how pissed Chompy is that she will never, ever bite me.
2) I know how to make a form that sends an email in PHP and .NET.
3) I know how to make a delicious pot roast, chicken noodle soup (from scratch) and Oreo Cheesecake.
4) I know how to kill someone using my bare hands if they should punch me. With their right hand. And aim at my face.

Four Things I Used To Know
1) I used to know the last names of people I played in bands with.
2) I used to know the word for "coincidence" in Spanish.
3) I used to know how to gradually trail off my voice when teaching to make people have to listen harder to hear me.
4) I used to know how to change the spark plugs in my car and what the numbers stood for.

Four Things I Want To Know
1) I want to know if aliens have landed on Earth.
2) I want to know how to kill someone with my bare hands if they punch me with their left hand. Or not at my face.
3) I want to know how people could possibly classify U2 as a rock band.
4) I want to know how to regrow hair by meditating or by petting Chompy.

Four Things I Don't Know and Don't Care About
1) What people with business degrees do at large companies.
2) What's going to happen to New Orleans.
3) Whatever happened to the New Radicals?
4) How running water through coffee grinds is capable of making such a delicious drink.

I hereby tag: chris, marty, jamie and mark since last time I think I hit elena and pchris.

tchris came over around 8pm last night to listen to Led Zeppelin with me. I contend that they're the greatest band of all-time (nothing new there) but the strage part is I have yet to have someone disagree with me. Maybe it's because I'm so militant about them being the best band of all-time that people just save their breath. Anyway, we hung out and had some beers and listened to soulful blues and screeching singing and pounding drums. It was nice. Real nice. As a reward for coming over I burned him copies of Led Zeppelin I,II,III,??? and Houses of the Holy. I think you really have to like Zeppelin going in before you start to delve into their middle period stuff where you can't tap your foot anymore because it's getting so complicated. If anyone else would like a free copy you just go ahead and let me know.




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