Driving Knifehand to 1997 | 05/10/06

Shit Chompy. My 10 year high school reunion is coming up; got the first email about it last night. I'm not going to go of course--I live in Florida after all and I've got my dog and my job and my woman all down here. I was looking for a collage picture I had made in February of 2004 with physical changes from high school every couple years until now. I surely wouldn't recognize me and that's a-okay with me. How much would I love go to back in time and give High-School-Mike a driving knifehand to the face. "Dork! Get rid of those glasses! Grow your hair out! Stand up straight!" Oh well, no sense living in the past. I think I've developed a good sense of humor about it (versus turning into a raging serial killer) except for that time I got locked in one of the big band lockers. That sucked. That's my real reason for not going--I don't know if I'd be able to not punch the guy that did it after I asked him about it and he didn't remember. Driving knifehand to the face! God, I love karate. Speaking of driving knifehands to the face, in karate on Tuesday our instructor had the audacity to criticize my driving knifehand when my left hand did it. Come on! I wanted to tell him I was so good at this point that I'd only ever be fighting with one hand anyway but not good enough to be only fighting with my lefthand. Then I considered the 100 or so squat thrusts that my beligerance would cost and said "yes sir" like the little bitch that I am.




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