Night of the Living Kevin | 05/11/06

I ditched karate last night even though there's an upcoming belt test because of a severe stomach ache. While I did have BW3's for lunch I didn't go hog-wild and deserve to have what felt like a fully-feathered chicken hunting and pecking around in my belly for most of the day. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet from poker last night but my three week reign of Full House Terror came to an end and Kevin kicked the shit out of everyone--knocking out every player. This hasn't happened since jamie did it September of last year. I was out first (I know, I'm shocked too!) followed by michael, jamie and finally 2nd Place Kathy. With tchris in Port Charlotte with his beau buddy marty we didn't have use of the large chip set so we each started with about 250 chips instead of our usual 1000 which made a big difference in the style of play. And that's what you call a boring update.




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