Nobody Knows Where We Might End Up | 05/14/06

Quick weekend recap. Friday, met with the nice folks at Second Harvest (Big Bend) to talk about redoing their website. They need a full-blown CMS and I hope to do it .net...because that's what real programmers do (so I'm told). Friday night I helped jamie's mom move a TV. Jamie's sister offered to sell me her Blackberry and I was ready to buy it when Jamie stepped in and wanted it. As if she even has email she needs to check! Whatever! *I* have email that needs checking constantly AND alexadex stocks to buy. Anyway. Saturday we went to Halligan's and shot pool with chris and michael. Also there were two of our kenpo instructors. I was ready to start a fight with this one guy who pushed in front of Jamie at the bar. Who better to have your back (except maybe Chris) than two of your karate instructors? Not that this asshole in a red and pink vertical striped shirt would have been any match for my huge guns but still, just in case I would imagine having two mean guys that love to fight raedy to go couldn't hurt. Wow, that was a long, rambling sentence and I'm in a hurry so no time for proofreading! On Sunday I went to Jamie's sister's husband's family's house for a Mother's Day extravaganza before coming home to watch the Cubs get nailed by the Padres yet again. Chris and Mike came over to watch some DH and GA. Shit Chompy, that was some great TV! Everyone is coming over on Monday night to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.




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