Chompblog | 05/16/06

I've been keeping the Chompblog since November of 2003. While I haven't updated every single day I have updated most days, an average of five or so a week. If you've never seen the stats for the website, they're not wholly impressive. I consider a good day to have between 70-90 visitors with most days falling between 40-60. I keep a different blog at work that's supposed to be on-topic for music. Well, one day I happened to write an entry on Grey's Anatomy and suddenly there was massive traffic to the site. I'm talking like 400 hits a day. Sensing a trend I wrote more entries on a show I didn't really care about for about a week and last night I saw the traffic jump to 2050 unique visitors. Shit Chompy. That's more than this site gets in two months. So in the sake of traffic I rearranged the Guilt Links to reward the people that update the most frequently. I would highly encourage you to read all of them because no one writes things online for no one to read. Go read the Guilt Links!




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