Ford Still Sucks | 05/21/06

I brought the Taurus to the dealership on Friday because my air conditioning, amongst 30 different things, weren't working. Believe it or not they actually fixed all the major problems and gave me the car back the same day. I only had to be a small asshole in the beginning but the end was smooth as silk. After work we went to kathy's for the last time for her good-bye party. I spent most of the time on the porch trying to avoid Abba and Sir Mix A Lot. Looks like everyone I know is starting to have some sort of DC-ish area connection. Weirdy.

On Saturday I went to Gordo's for a get-together lunch then came back home for a light nap. Was that all I did on Saturday? Guess so.

I met Jerry for lunch on Sunday where we discussed the newest web design project at TGIFs. It's for the guy that's done all the broze sculptors around town. Pretty talented dude. Comcast was down most of the day so I had to forgo doing anything online. Instead I took a nice long nap before DH. The usual gang came over to watch the slow-moving, dull, season finale. Oh well. Remember when that show used to be good?




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