Bronze Medals | 05/22/06

I'll be working on a new website project--one for the bronze sculptor who did the big bronze FSU statues. His work is very Norman Rockwell-y but he's clearly very talented and being able to work on an art-related project will do my heart good. Jerry found the gig and even after paying him his finder's fee I think I'll be doing ok. I don't plan to bust my ass on this like I did with the last moonlighting project--only one weekend day a week for a while and see if I can keep up with the demands. Included in the site is a Lightbox gallery, one I've been meaning to try out so it looks like I'll get my chance. It'll be really upscale and look good in my portfolio. If I do a great job (and I will) I've got a sneaking suspicion it could lead to more work. And that's never a bad thing. I could always farm out the work to Barb or Wes if they happen to be available so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole darn thing. Hooray.




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