Big Trouble Chompy | 11/12/06

Before she was Chompy, she was Ginger. Before she was Kathy Smith, she was Kathy Biddick. Mind you, this was long ago. Let me take you back to a time. How far back? Far, far back. Kathy and I were on a trip to the beach, my new dog Ginger in tow. We were Kathy's RAV4 and Ginger was exiled to do her shedding in the cargo area in the back while we rocked out to Boston in the front. Ginger, possibly starving for food or upset to leave the house decided to have a little snack. A seat-belt snack. She managed to chew threw a good half of the middle seat-belt. Flash forward to today with Kathy Smith trying to get her car certified in Virginia. She can't because Chompy had chewed that seat-belt! Fortunately Fed-Chris had a friend at work who saved me a ton of money in the replacing of it. Dogs have many hidden expenses. Don't forget it.




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