Crazy Bitch | 05/23/06

Yesterday chris and I went out for coffee. No big deal right? Wrong. There was this crazy bitch there. We're sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful night and this crazy bitch runs up and almost crashes into the table next to us. Then she runs inside to and starts hugging one of the baristas. Weirdy. Chris notices she has a band-aid under her eye. We guess she was in a bar fight or something. THEN she comes out and sits at the table next to us and starts talking. "Yeah, I'm going to kill my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Yeah, my sisters got a gun and she'll do it for me. I can't shoot her myself because the gun's not in my name." Oh shit Chompy. Chris and I give each other the "When Is This Crazy Bitch Going To Shut Up" look but she continues. "We've been together for almost a year now but he's in California and it just happens to be the same as school as his Ex. Yeah right, like that's a coincidence! You guys know that I'm from the city with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country? Yeah...Troy Pennsylvania." By this point we've already tried to give all the signals of "SHUT UP WE'RE LEAVING" but they didn't work. She went on to say that language was weird because "We went from Ooga Booga to Hi. And three types of, 'Hey'...'Wow, that's really high'....'Wow! I got some reefer higher'. Wow. What a crazy bitch.




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