The Greatest Comeback Ever | 05/25/06

You know me. I'm not an arrogant person. At all. That said, last night I do believe I made the greatest comeback in the history of The Poker Championship Series. It all started about ten minutes into the game. I had 9/3 in the big blind. michael was to my left and jamie was last. The flop comes out: 9-9-3. Full house on the flop! Shit Chompy. I raised. Michael reraised. Jamie called. I called. Next card comes: Jack. I raise. Michael reraises. Jamie calls. I reraise all in. Now, remember we're ten minutes into the game and blinds are 1/2. Jamie, being the short-stack counts out her chips: 355. I have 70 left and Michael has about the same. We flip over our cards. I, of course, have a full house 9/3. Jamie has the 4th nine with an ace kicker. Then, oh then, Michael flips over his pocket jacks. Full house--Jacks over nines. Jamie and I are draw dead and Michael collects the 1200 or so chip pot and takes possibly the largest chip at a five-person table in our history.

The comeback story isn't very interesting--at least not compared to Michael handing Jamie and I our asses in one big hand. I did a lot of folding and all-inning and, as I'm sure Kevin has made known by now after watching for so long, a ton of bluffing and somehow managed to one of the last three with Michael and Matt. Matt knocked out Michael and I knocked out Matt. The last hand was my pair of fives beating his pair of threes. Exciting.




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