What's My Age Again? | 05/31/06

It was a trivia battle of the ages. Despite there being around 20 teams we were feeling good. Although tchris totally bailed on us we gathered reinforcements with Heather and Jimmy. The first category, the picture round, was Famous Basketball Players. Even without T-Chris we were able to get 10/10. So far so good. On to Current Events. Behind jamie's five minutes of watching the headline news on CNN we were again able to get 10/10. Again--so far so good. Third round: Classic Rock. "Thank you Jesus", I think to myself. Sadly, there was only one Zeppelin question but judging from the idiots discussing it afterwards and amount of Boo's ringing around the bar I think we were the only ones to get it right. We only mananged to get 6/10 missing: What year did Jim Morrison die? What is Slash's real (full) name? What was the last song Keith Moon recorded with The Who? And some other one I can't remember. So we're sitting tied for 4th at the end of the first half. Could have been worse. Now, onto the two biggies: Beer and Torture. Aided by Jimmy we were able to get 6/10 on their beer. We would have gotten 7/10 but I talked him out of Belgium being the country with the most different brands of beer. Oops. I had done my homework learning about torture but we were only able to manage five of the ten questions. They tallied up the scores...Oh my God Chompy, a four-way tie. I went up to be the guesser for the tie breaker: "How old was the guy reading the trivia questions?" I knew he had a masters degree but guessed 26 (he was 25). My answer was the same as some other guy's so we had to guess again. We both put 28. Wrong. For the next set of tie-breakers we had to guess the age of this other guy. I guessed 33 and the other guy guessed 27--he was 32 but my guess was over and lo and behold we finished in 5th place again. Shit Chompy.




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