Restful Friday | 06/02/06

I got an email from one of my handful of friends from high school, Emily. Although I thought I would never speak to anyone from there again I found it easy to get back into the gossip of things--whose bald, gay, married, ugly, whatever. I took comfort in the fact that now I know I'm not the only person from my class without 400 googley-eyed children, some sort of hipster spouse and wasting a graduate degree. After coming in early and staying late at work throughout the week I finally got to cash in my extra 90 minutes to meet with my new freelance client, The Bronzes (as I will affectionately refer to them). They're nice and liberal with an intense hatred of our president. It's a match made in heaven. In other news my plans of going to bed early before my karate test were foiled by the Cubs who insisted they play 14 full innings before beating the Cardinals.




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