Happy Birthday Mom! | 06/03/06

Not surprisingly both christine and I both passed our orange belt test. I thought it was easier than the yellow belt test but I still required a pretty hearty nap afterwards. I got some little frames to put my certificates of acheivement in. I don't have any of my tens of degrees up but I knew I'd get those--I would have never thought I would actually be able to pass karate tests so those get the key display sites on my office wall, next to the weird picture I got in Uruguay that cost something like $300 to get framed once I got back. After my nap I met up with chris for a very quick coffee before I went over to marty's house for NBA Jam Night...


Amber (Unknown)

They are anoging i can't spell i can't stand them....lol Alexis

amber (Unknown)

how come not comment me back

amber (Unknown)

hey call me

amber (Unknown)

these comments are no use..



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