NBA JAM (Part II) | 06/04/06

...I got to marty's house around 8:30pm and immediately settled in playing NBA Jam. I (SEX) was paired with Ian (EEN) against tchris (CXE) and Marty (DRB). I don't think I have Marty's three-letter-SNES-name right but I'm sure he'll correct me. We played with this setup for about an hour and Ian and I kicked some serious ass. Around 9:30 or so michael showed up and took Ian's place. It was Michael's first time but he learned quickly and we were still able to stick to Theory-Marty for the most part. After a couple hours it was time for Michael to go home and for the rest of us to break out the cheat-codes. To answer one of life's most eternal questions: Could Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith beat Bill Clinton and Alonzo Morning? -- the answer is yes. In a cruel twist of fate Alonzo Morning was the odd-man out and played like it. Heavy D and Price Charles were no match for Hillary though and she was able to redeem the Clinton name. We ended the night with some Primal Rage, a game I unfortunately did not grow up with and Marty handed me my dinosaur ass numerous times.

On Sunday-day I met up with the Brinkmeyers for lunch to celebrate jamie's birthday a week early. We went to Food Glorious Food and I had the a la carte breakfast. After hitting her mom's house for a single present we ran some errands and I went home and napped. I woke up again around 8pm and worked on my freelance law firm's website before officially retiring around 2am.




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