Cranky Panky | 06/05/06

Ok, maybe it's just me. I doubt it though. Everyone at work has been secretly cranky the past couple weeks--really since about the end of the first week of May. For the most part a positive front is offered but we're all pretty transparent people so I don't think there's any denying it. I can't (won't) speculate as to the reasons as my blog is sometimes glanced at as a source of news, but it feels as though everyone is just below the surface of yelling. Not that we're not getting along (I think)--we are. I'm not sure if it's personal stuff or if it's some sort of bacteria in the daily Starbucks but it's something. On a lighter note, I inherited a new client yesterday from RD. This woman owns a Stenographer-By-Proxy site. Honestly, the site is a total mess but after only one day of doing things for her I don't feel I have the rapport to tell her that it would make everyone's life a lot easier if she let me rewrite the whole thing in PHP. The site is about 30 pages yet takes up almost 200MB of space. Come on. There's not even a backend unless you count the CGI form mailer. Just FYI: if you're working in CGI most FTP programs don't upload the files as ASCII which causes them to mess up once they're uploaded and will give you a 500 Internal Server Error. Make sure you have the *.cgi in the "Do Not Send As Binary" list. I just about had a heart attack last night when my changes were crashing.

Ricky and Tami have a new blog and, get this, they're actually writing in it. Tami is the latest casualty to Alexadex. You'll notice I've stopped keeping track of my daily score. I've done this because the updates are so erratic that there's no point trying to keep up with it. The novelty is wearing off after two seasons and if I weren't in the Top Ten right now (qualifying for my T-Shirt) I'd stop playing all together.




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