Could it be...Satan? | 06/06/06

I don't see what the big to-do is over 666. As Brian pointed out on May 6th of last year, the Devil's Number might not even be 666 but 616. It's too bad evil things don't come pre-marked with 666 (616)--that would save a lot of time throughout a day. You're at the store--why waste time with a cashier who has the 616 stamp? Or the co-worker?

Tonight was our first day of being an orange belt in karate. I've liked the first "new day" in the past because you're pretty tired of doing all the old stuff after two months and you finally get to learn something new. However, I forgot how retarded you feel making your body do new and strange things. Additionally I hate how the instructors make you feel when you screw things up--it's your first day doing it!

I must note that, for the very first time, I kicked someone in the face. "Wow" you think. What I told you that the person I kicked was christine and that she had just taken me down? And I was lying on the floor when I did it. On accident. Still impressed?




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