Go Panthers | 06/07/06

Last night, before leaving for trivia, I got a call from Don, a friend of mine from college. I hadn't really talked with Don since 2003 when jamie and I took a visit to Die Frauland. I didn't recognize the number and when I asked who it was he only said, "The greatest NBA Jam player of all-time". I don't know what's more sad--that he actually is or that I immediately knew who it was. It was also weird since I had just played NBA Jam a week ago after a two year pause. Apparently one of our other friends, Dave, had been trying to reach me to help out with some book they're publishing through Hal Leonard. Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery before I could get any more details so I left for trivia.

We set an all-time low in trivia finishing in 7th. We didn't do very well in the Current Events category since it was only Jamie, chris and me and none of us had enough time to pay attention to the news this week. Chris did really well in the Hanna-Barbara Cartoon Round and we did surprisingly well in the Explorers category. Alas, you can't win (finish 5th) every time.




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