Split Pot | 06/08/06

Something unusual happened last night between Janine, Ricky and jamie. Janine was all-in. Ricky and Jamie both call. They flip the cards and both Jamie and Ricky have a straight to the Ace. Janine has three of a kind. So Janine is out clearly but Ricky and Jamie have the same hand. The question is: who gets the kill? Jamie was awarded the kill based solely on the fact in a one-card game of Hi-Lo she had the higher card, despite making an enormous to-do over how her card would never ever win. On the other hand Ricky took it like a man and gave up his kill over Janine.

Tonight we learned the Crane Kenpo and I think if I can get it down it will be my attack of choice. It's made for tall, skinny people that probably have a better chance of winning a fight by keeping some distance between them and the attacker. The "Crane" comes from your two hands "flapping" (I'm not sure if my instructor actually said flapping or slapping [with a lisp]) into the midsection of the other person. As usual with learning the new attacks one of the black belts demonstrated it on each of us so we'd know how it feels. And it feels like a lightining bolt was sent through your groin, up into your shoulder and back down and out through your kidney. Awesome.




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