Irish Pub | 06/11/06

On Saturday we celebrated jamie's 23rd birthday at the Irish Pub. I'm not sure I could rattle off the whole list but essentially everyone we knew in Tallahassee was able to come. There was...Ricky, Tami, Tami's brother _____ and his girlfriend, _____, marty, Leather Hat Man, Leather Hat Man's girlfriend, pchris, elena, Tim, chris, michael and Kevin. Is that it? Did I get everyone? Tim, Ricky and I shot pool most of the time and weren't doing too badly until all the Sluts and the Guys Who Do Sluts showed up doing their best impression of roaches swarming in my kitchen. Fortunately no fights broke out (fortunately?) and I didn't have to clean puke off my neighbor's car (see Jamie's party last year) so all and all it was pretty good.

On Sunday I kept holy the sabbath and did nothing like the bible instructed me. Late in the evening Chris came over and Michael kidnapped Jamie to go to Brothers for 80's Night. Chris was kind enough to bring The Bone Collector and some Frownie Brownies but that's a story for another time.




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