Hurricane Alberto | 06/12/06

Well that was much ado about nothing. After I went through all the work of bringing my bug-laden plants inside and digging out my hurricane supply tub we got about .5" of rain. As with most hurricanes aimed directly at Tallahassee, the patented CH(mo)PS (Chompy's Hurricane Prevention System) worked again. Hurricanes are clearly too afraid of my dog to strike Tallahassee so they veer off course striking more desirable targets despite initial paths at my home. Those hurricanes are big talkers when they're out in the Atlantic. "Ooh, this will be the year we take Chompy down" they whisper to themselves. They build up some courage and plot their charts straight at Tallahassee and set out. Suddenly once they're in the Gulf of Mexico they realize how scared they are and divert to hit a place that is Chompy-free.

So yeah, we're fine.




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