Froggy Style | 06/13/06

If you are under 18 I would strongly suggest diverting your eyes. There are about 15 frogs in the lake outside our office having a massive gangbang. They are so loud that I can easily hear them from my desk despite the pond being on the other side of the building. In case you've never heard the Generic Frog of Florida's mating call it is so obnoxious it is making me sick to my stomach. It's kind of like a bass cricket with a microphone strapped to it. Times 15.

I ditched karate last night because I wasn't in the mood to learn and I remember how much I hated it when students showed up for my class who didn't want to be there. I worked until around 2:30am on a couple new sites I'm freelancing and man, I am tired. Because Chompy doesn't like to go out in the rain I'm not sure if she peed at all yesterday although I didn't find any puddles and she was physically outside no less than a dozen times. Stupid Florida.


christian quintanilla (Unknown)

i love how you do it




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