Intelligent Design | 06/14/06

Here are some reasons I just can't believe in Intelligent Design. First of all, we can't give ourselves a backrub. Surely God would have realized if we were doing anything during the day our shoulders/neck would have the possibility of getting sore--yet we can't rub our own. Just raising your arms makes it impossible to relax the muscles you need. Secondly, why do I, along with countless other men, have nipples? Ain't no babies hanging off our teats trying to suckle any man-milk up in here. Did we ever have any use for them? I guess the counterargument for intelligent design is that our circulatory system is pretty complex and was probably not just developed out of toilet paper rolls and tape as originally hypothesized by Darwin. All I know is my neck hurts from sleeping weird last night and I can't rub it.




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