Who Needs Music That Badly? | 06/15/06

Seriously, who needs to listen to U2 or Dave Matthews Band SO badly they can't wait until they've finished taking a dump? Not me. Who the HELL would buy this? As if I'm even going to carry my iPod into my bathroom. I would guess about half the people I know have somehow dropped their cell phones into a toilet. And odds are if I was sitting there listening to music THEN dropped my black and silver device into the bowel-bowels odds are they'd have a few cellmates (if you know what I'm saying) and sure as hell am not fishing out the iPod from my toilet while having to go through a fecal obstacle course.

Although I won't update it until I have the pictures, tchris won poker again last night. It seems as though winning comes in streaks and he's hot right now so if you weren't there last night (jamie, Ricky and Kevin) you didn't miss anything except a whomping. Matt Flynn came by for a while and it was good to see him. Jamie comes back from Orlando tomorrow and it appears she is still having serious problems with her supervisor. I bet she quits!




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