SimLost | 11/08/06

With Lost now over until February there's only one thing that can replace it: SimCity 4. But enough about that, let's get back to Lost. First of all, are Jin and Sun still alive? Shouldn't they have been with Sayid? I've heard rumors (from Jamie) that one of the characters is going to come out this season. Glancing quickly through my mind's eye's list of characters I don't see any good candidates. Boone was probably the only one that met the looks/grooming standards and he's long-dead. Desmond's got the looks but the hygiene is too suspect. Hurley is definitely not in shape enough. John Locke? Charlie? I bet it's Juliette. I'm calling it now--Juliette.

There is no way Sawyer dies. I must have said this fifty times during the episode. No way. It seems as though Kate was the only one of the three who The Others actually wanted. Weird. What could Kate have? And if they can leave whenever they want and surely have contact with the outside world, why did Ben leave for surgery at a real hospital? Where are all the kids that we saw in Season 2 that were marching around with The Others? Where's Daniella? Why did Desmond get the ability to see into future? Hopefully all of these will be answered in February.




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