Quotes Revealed | 06/21/06

I hope everyone enjoyed the Quote Game yesterday. The answers are all at the bottom of this post so you can go "oooh, how did I miss that one" or "he would never say that". jamie and I cranked out six episodes of Lost last night. We now only have six left in Season 1. Last night we were introduced to the "magic" number. Being OCD about things I looked up to see what other people have said about the set of numbers online and man, people are retarded. One site lists all the references to those numbers: They have 4 guns on the island. We have seen them eat 16 mangos, etc. Retarded stuff. So I figured I would take a look at my own life and see how those numbers relate to me:
4: I need corrective lenses and until I was eighteen people could have called me Four-Eyes.
8: There are Eight tropical fish in the aquarium in my bedroom.
15: There are Fifteen pre-black belt self-defenses in kenpo.
16: These numbers are found in the last four digits of my cell phone number ***-***-0162.
23: The number on the jersey I wore when I played on the Theory/Comp basketball team was 23.
42: I am on a path to win poker 42 times this year.

Weirdy!! It's like these numbers have some great significance in my life and *I* should be on Season 3! Ladies and gentlemen, consider this my first "tag". I hereby tag: brian, jamie, Ricky and Tami, christine and pchris to do an entry on how those numbers relate to their personal lives!

1) marty
2) elena
3) Ricky and Tami
4) chris
5) brian
6) mark
7) tchris
8) jamie
9) pchris
10) sunshine




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