Dog Chop | 06/22/06

Last night I dealt my first real crippling blow in karate. It was to this guy on the local high school football team. In honor of Matt Flynn we simply call him "Chach". He's the kind of guy that is I'm sure extremely popular and all the little high school girls are begging for his seed. If I were ten years younger I'm not sure if he would beat me up or not even notice me. Last night we were practicing our knife defenses "full out' and the nicest way I can say it is: his wrist had an unfortunate meeting with my "block bone". He dropped the wooden knife immediately (I didn't even get to spin it around and implant it firmly in his loins) and grabbed his now-technicolor wrist. He said "it was cool" but I could clearly see it was not. The weird part is that after the intial impact of our hands smacking together I felt great. (I fought my urge to say, "Well, if it's any consolation I feel fine.") I know there should be a little part of me that's happy about what happened but really I just feel bad although it's nice to know the blocks work--I doubt I would attacked by anyone bigger/stronger than Chach so that eases my mind the block really do...well, block.

The second smack-down of the night came in poker where I gave jamie a Tiger Mouth A/Q to face and ended the longest weeknight game over poker since the days of Ricky and I sitting around by ourselves. Ian, Rene and tchris's Amy came. Ian and Rene add a hyper-aggressive element to the game and that makes me nervous. I know they (especially Rene) likes to play that way so I figured if I could lay traps for her and get a bunch of chips. It worked the first couple times and I took some massive early pots but she kept it up and eventually got them back. Keeping with poker tradition the back-to-back winner (T-Chris) was the first out followed by Rene, Ian and Jamie.




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