Landlording | 06/26/06

I'd hate to be a landlord. The only good thing about it is the name--Land Lord. It's kind of like Web Master but even more powerful. You would think the term landlord would have been replaced by something a little more PC but no, we're still stuck with it. The reason I don't think I'd make a good landlord is because I don't like surprises and you're guaranteed to get surpised as a landlord. Every time someone moves out...Surprise! 14 sets of kittens were birthed in your oven! Surprise! Someone tried to perform surgery on himself in the walk-in closet. Surprise! Someone left their kid shackled to the fence in the backyard for a few months and now there are fence-climbing wolves tearing at her arms. I guess the upside is that given enough time you can single handedly own anything without having to make real payments on it.




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