The Party is Over | 06/27/06

Alexadex ended Season 4 today and I finished in the worst possible place--11th. That means I wasted the most time out of anyone who didn't get a T-Shirt. jamie finished #18 so naturally I will blame her for taking millions of dollars from me in stocks I normally would have bought. I'm just kidding honey! I don't think I'll play next season because I can't control my OCD enough to play just a little each day. I'll tell you this though--next season I'm cheating. I played 100% by the book the season keeping my programming prowess in check. However if other people are going to write scripts to find and buy sites I will do the same. I don't think the vast majority of peole are cheating. In fact I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who outright cheats (buys stocks automatically) but surely there are people running databases and scraping sites. I think it's fine. I can't help but notice the only people that were ever vocal about cheating were ones who never had any money and were ranked in the 1000s. Who cares? I can tell you with full honesty I made $80m without cheating AND that the people who were "cheating" had very, very little impact on my buying. I wish people would just shut up. Yeah, shove it bitches.




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