Clashing of the Titans | 07/01/06

Happy July! I know the vast majority of readers are skimmers so please don't forget to read the public service message at the bottom of this page regarding the Fourth of July party at Ricky's house. At work I've been working on a deal with Citi for just over two months now and it finally semi-fell into place late on Thursday. I was abusing middle school kids in karate when the call came in but I'm glad it's over. Also on Thursday I won my 10th poker game of the year. About a week ago I put all the kills into a spreadhseet and it looks like my winning is upon pchris being absent. I'm not sure what's going to happen to poker when the "core" leaves but hopefully we'll find a way to keep playing. Maybe Ricky will just have to start coming every week. Speaking of Ricky, here's his announcement:

WE HAVE CATS. They will probably not be roaming free .. but just the same, if youíre allergic, you better take your strongest drug to suppress it .. I will have no sympathy for a sneezing guest .. and Iíll probably mock you all night about it.




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