Destin(ation) | 07/02/06

jamie, chris, michael and I piled into the speed machine around 9:15am and headed off to the beautiful beaches of Destin. It was painfully hot but nonetheless a fun day. I tried to buy a suit for my upcoming trip to Orlando at the Outlet Mall but alas they did not have my size. My size, just so you know, is a 40L. I did manage to spend a little bit of money elsewhere but on the whole the shopping wasn't as good compared to when Jamie and I went last year for our two year anniversary.

So we're almost caught up on Lost. We've learned that Henry Gale is one of The Others and Sayid dug up his "wife", Hurley is totally crazy (along with his mega-crush Libby), Locke's dad screwed him up even worse than we thought and Sun is pregnant with a baby we do not suspect to be Jin's. We only have six episodes left in the season despite our best rationing. When does the new season start? I'd hate to have a big gap between the last episode we see and the start of the next season. It's going to really suck to have to sit through commercials and not be able to start the next episode when they leave you with a cliffhanger.




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