eGREgrious | 11/06/06

Tomorrow is the GRE. All I did was study. I've done no work in reading comprehension nor in writing. Not to say those things are beyond hope but cramming won't work for that like it will with math. I think because I studied so much over the weekend I was really smart all day today. I was solving difficult problems all day even though they didn't involve square roots or radii. I think being able to determine if things are true, false, not true or not false is a more important skill anyway.

PUPDATE: Congratulations to who will be flying to TCU for the last round of interviews. Yeah buddy. I got a combined 1210 on the GRE. 670 Verbal / 540 Math. Almost the inverse of what I got in 2001. I didn't get one single geometry question even though I focused 80% of my math time there. Oh well, it met the two main requirements: a) over 1000 and b) it's done. :)




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