Happy Fourth of July! | 07/04/06

So jamie and I now officially caught up on Lost. We no longer have to tilt our heads out of wonderment when we hear conversations about Mr. Eko returning next year or Charlie dating Kate. We're hip. I can't imagine having to watch that show with commercials and not being able to watch the next one (or six). But we're hooked rest assured. There's a small part of me that's glad it's over--my TV quota has been mega-extended.

For the 4th we went over to Tami and Ricky's for grilling and festivities. Ricky made some burgers that were deliciou-rs. We were joined by some strangers, Tami's Mom and Brother, tchris, Blogless-Amy, chris, michael, pchris, In-Spirit-elena and countless others.

In other news I did a lot of laundry and inherited Chris' dresser, which is already full of undies.




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