And The Winner Is... | 07/21/06

We got started a little late because we were waiting for Kevin to finally show up. He sat down we started playing. By the fourth hand jamie was already sick of seeing Ricky win all of the pots and decided to go all-in on three aces. Everyone stood up. Ricky immediately called and flipped over the cards. Full-freaking-house. Jamie was really pissed but Ricky seemed ok with it. Jamie had a couple of chips left (12?) and on the next hand I put her all-in. Jamie called (along with everyone else at the table) but michael sucked out on the river, beating my two pair and knocking out Jamie.

The next causulty was tchris who tried to double up against Ricky's flush with a straight. Oops. Not a bad idea considering, "Hey, it's a straight" and Ricky had a good 60% of the table's chips.
Poor Kevin didn't have a good hand all night and was the next to go.
Out of nowhere marty started going all-in every other hand. Every time it happened it worked out. Marty inadvertantly had knocked loose a ton of chips from Ricky but had also been losing them to Michael. I was whittled down to nothing against the towers of doom, eventually bowed I with a whimper.
In no time Marty's luck had run out with the constant all-ins and joined the rest of the losers leaving only Ricky and Michael.
Starting with roughly the same number of chips, Michael just pummeled Ricky until Michael was declared the winner and took our $70.
Congratulations Mikey.




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