Auf Wiedersehen | 07/26/06

Last night we got together with chris and michael to watch Project Runway for the last time. The little pudgy girl went home last night which probably came as a surprise to no one. I wanted to see Angela (Angera!) go home since this is the second week in a row she's been on the cho(m)pping block. After last night's episode I'm entirely convinced I could be a fashion designer. I could provide them with the requisite drama when I beat up my castmates for being loud. I think I'd use a lot of velvet because it's soft.

After Project Runway jamie and I watched a Fraiser rerun. Man, it was funny. It was a Halloween episode and all of the little kids think Fraiser eats brains. He ends up in an elevator with one and when the kid finds out he's Brain-Eating Crane he says something like "I don't eat brains! Well, not human brains. Maybe some calf in a bearnise sauce...No, I don't eat brains." I don't know why that was so funny to me but I totally lost it. Anyway. Tomorrow is the last night of Old School Poker so hopefully I'll win POPxplosion II.




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