How To Break A Blog | 10/04/06

If you've never really screwed up your blog by doing something retarded you're really missing out. Yesterday I accidentally deleted the "inc" folder. I would imagine most PHP sites have an Inc folder--it houses all of the files that are to be inccluded to contstruct your page. In this site's case it's really everything except for the individual entries. Long story short, don't delete it--it's very important. Fortunately I had an old backup and I'll finish rewriting decayed sections of it over the weekend.

pchris said it best: Damn Lost keeps coming on when I'm trying to watch my commercials. Since last night was the first episode we saw "live" we were shocked by the amount of commercials. What the hell is happening on that island? Now there are thick files on people? The Others have CD players and Book Clubs? Weirdy!




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