August Thus Far | 08/05/06

Man, it's been a long time since I wrote a blog entry. In case you didn't know jamie and I have been out of town for the past week running errands, including a trip to the Midwest for five days. I should probably work backwards since I have a better chance of remembering fresh things.

Yesterday we drove from Florence, KY straight back to Tallahassee. Florence is just across the Ohio border and Jamie drove the whole way. I was not allowed to drive because I am a very slow, curteous driver and there was no time for that.

The day before that, we started in an Old Folks Home, where we had spent the night in Jamie's grandma's apartment on an insanely uncomfortable bed. Her grandmother was away at a rehab clinic and it was cheaper than renting a hotel. Later that day we headed over to her crazy uncle's house where we packed up the sparse belongings of her grandmother that hadn't been stolen by her uncle. But that, friends, is a story to itself. After we packed the truck we trotted over to Zinzinatti to see the Reds play the Braves. We splurged on good seats and the Reds won. More imporantly, no one broke into the truck to steal a bunch of old chairs.

The day before that, we were in Bloomington, IN where we were staying with chris and michael. We (Jamie and I) woke up late and had a leisurely lunch with them at Panera Bread after picking up the new, smaller moving truck. We stopped at Target on the way home and they purchased some storage devices. I took a shower upon our return and then Jamie and I said our final good-byes to our friends. It was very sad and I spent a good 45 minutes crying softly on our way to Ohio. Not like streaming tears--just enough to remind you to be sad. We pulled into Dayton around 6:30 and picked up Jamie's grandma for a gross dinner at Outback. I don't know how people can like that place.

The day before that, we were still in Bloomigton. We finished unloading the handful of things left in the big-ass truck then ordered some pretty-darn-good Chinese food. The cable guy came to ensure we wouldn't miss Project Runway despite being on the road. Chris and I returned the hell-moster known as their moving truck without incident and got what would be our last Starbucks. Chris and Mike took us on a tour of their new campus and we had dinner at a local place called the Runciple Spoon. There were a bunch of hippies on the porch but it turned out to be really good.

The day before that, Jamie, Michael and loaded into the trucks and hit the road around 9am. Our first stop was to Starbucks and Bruggers and I think I was doing fine with the truck until about that point. Once on the road, Mike and Jamie stayed right behind me even though the truck was not being kind. I am ashamed to admit that I drove it as low as 50 on I-65. Mike and Jamie took the lead in Nashville and cut big holes through rush hour traffic for me to squeeze the 16' truck into. Very kind of them. We stopped to have Cracker Barrel for dinner. Eventually, around 2am, we arrived in Bloomington where Chris and their newest friend, Sandy, were waiting to unpack the truck. We emptied the truck almost all the way and then sat outside in the humidless Indiana air and had a beer. Then we went to bed.

The day before that, Chris left for Indiana University. He left around 3:30pm and I took on a new roommate for the evening. We were joined later by marty, Jamie and Nina for some late-night Settlers of Catan. Jamie won the first game and I managed to upset Nina the second. By then it was 2am and we decided we should probably get some sleep since we were going to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00am.

Yeah, so that's been my week(ish). Thanks to Marty and tchris for watching Chompy while I was away. Due to a technical error we mananged to miss the leaving of pchris and elena. Hopefully they're in the middle of a safe journey to Pennsylvannia. With four key friends gone, we now get to dote on Marty alone until he leaves next week.




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